Cynosure University – Advanced PicoSure® Treatments, Skin & Pigmentary Conditions

Dr. Pablo Boixeda Dr. Pablo Boixeda

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Advanced PicoSure Treatments, Skin & Pigmentary Conditions

Webinar from April 28th, 2020

Join Dr. Pablo Boixeda, Professor of Dermatology, University of Alcalá, Madrid and Head of the Dermatological Lasers Unit of Ramón y Cajal Public Hospital, as he leads you on a deep-dive into methods for advanced treatments using PicoSure for skin and pigmentary conditions. You’ll learn about using PicoSure independently, how to combine technologies, and the unique benefits that come with this device. Don’t miss a chance to learn from Dr. Pablo Boixeda! As an active participant in conferences around the world for his contributions to dermatology and dermatological surgery, his passion and knowledge of the profession leads him to continuous research and participation in consultancies for the development of laser technology, mainly in the USA.


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