Cynosure University – Scars, Striae and Wrinkle Management with the ICON Platform

Maurice Adatto, MD. Maurice Adatto, MD.

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Length: 52 minutes, 19 seconds

Scars, Striae and Wrinkle Management with the ICON Platform

Webinar from May 28th, 2020

Explore parameters, management programs and industry thinking covering a range of scars using both the 1540nm XD and XF handpieces. Additionally this webinar will include non-ablative and ablative methods to treat wrinkles, including Dr Adatto’s case studies.

Learning points:

  • Scar etiology
  • Current industry thinking on when is the best time to treat a scar
  • Program of treatment parameters and management program with the 1540nm XD and XF handpieces for older traumatic and surgical scars, hypertrophic, fresh scars, acne scars and striae
  • Targeting wrinkles with non-ablative and ablative methods
  • Dr Adatto’s own case studies


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