Harness the cutting edge of our PrecisionTx technology to enhance your practice with one of today’s most in–demand procedures—lower face and neck revitalization.


Targeted precision. Ultimate control.

Treat smaller areas and benefit from more focused tissue targeting. Our PrecisionTx 1440nm wavelength laser is highly absorbed by water and creates a photomechanical effect, which produces bi-directional energy distribution for effective treatments.

Define and lift without surgery

The benefits of PrecisionTx treatments in the lower face and neck continue to improve over time.

  • Heat stimulates collagen production which leads to skin thickening and tissue retraction1
  • A recent study demonstrated 29% increased skin thickness three months post treatment2

Deliver outcomes safely

  • 1440nm wavelength to target tissue
  • Shorter cannula for smaller treatment areas
  • SideLaze800 side-firing fiber for unmatched precision
  • ThermaGuide temperature sensing cannula for increased safety

Easily and effectively treat hyperhidrosis

For patients suffering from excessive sweating, PrecisionTx treatments offer an innovative toxin-free treatment that coagulates and ablates soft tissue of the axillary glands. Results can be seen in as little as a week, and more consistently seen up to one year post treatment3

1Orringer JS, Ritte L, Baker D, Voorhees JJ, et al. Molecular mechanisms of non-ablative fractionated laser resurfacing. Br J Dermatol. 2010 Oct;163(4):757–68
2Sasaki, GH. Clinical experience with the SideLaze800 fiber and the 1440 nm wavelength Smartlipo TriPlex workstation for facial contouring. Data on file.
3Caplin, D. Clinical evaluation and quantitative analysis of axillary Hyperhidrosis treated with a unique targeted laser energy delivery method with 1 year follow up. ASLMS 2013 Poster, 15 patient study. Data on file.


How does the PrecisionTx laser work?

The PrecisionTx treatment is performed by using a very small cannula inserted under the skin. A unique SideLaze800™ laser fiber inside the tube delivers energy directly under the skin. The precise laser energy improves the quality of patients’ skin, while simultaneously disrupting and eliminating fat cells in selected areas of the face, including under the chin and neck.

What areas of the body can be treated with the PrecisionTx laser?

PrecisionTx is specially designed for the treatment of smaller areas such as the lower face, jawline, neck, arms and can also be used for axillary gland ablation.

What should a patient expect after a treatment?

Patients may experience some light bruising and swelling and will be required to wear a compression garment to help with the healing process and support the area treated, however, they will be able to return to normal activities within a day or two.

How long does the treatment take to perform?

The PrecisionTx procedure treats fat underneath the chin, sagging skin around the neck, and jawline cheeks in under one hour.

Clinical data

PrecisionTx and the 1440nm wavelength are supported by extensive clinical data, ranging from white papers to clinical studies published in respected journals. The list below is just a sample of some of the leading published studies on PrecisionTx and the effects of the 1440nm wavelength.

Safety information



Designed to be used with our Smartlipo family of lasers, the ThermaGuide temperature-sensing cannula profiles subdermal temperatures during laser-assisted lipolysis, body contouring, and small area procedures. Smartsense with ThermaGuide is the only device on the market today that incorporates intelligent sensing near the treatment end of the cannula.


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“I finally have something to offer my patients who are not ready for a face lift. The results have been fantastic and all of my patients are thrilled. I just wish I had been able to offer them this treatment years ago!”

Beverly Fischer, MD, Timonium

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Harness the cutting edge of our PrecisionTx technology to enhance your practice with one of today’s most in–demand procedures—lower face and neck revitalization.

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