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It is great to be healthy, but even better to also look good!
Studies from Harvard and other recognized institutions have shown that belly fat is metabolically active, releases fatty acids, inflammatory substances like cytokines and hormones, that ultimately worsen Asthma and breathing problems, sleep apnea, heart disease, HTN, Diabetes Mellitus , strokes, cholesterol, cancer (colon, esophagus, pancreas, breast) and early death.
Researchers found that people who have a large waistline, but are not overweight, carry a higher risk of health problems than slim waisted individuals.

Waist measurements are now included in taking Vital Signs.
Abdominal obesity is defined as waist circumference:
Women >35 inches (Asian women >31 inches)
Men >40 inches (Asian Men >37 inches)

In conclusion, "WAIST SIZE MATTERS !"

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