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The newest advancement in picosecond technology.

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The world’s first picosecond laser just got better.

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The PicoSure Pro device uniquely delivers 755nm energy in picoseconds; the delivery is so quick that it spares the skin from high thermal damage while optimally targeting unwanted pigment, wrinkles, acne scars and pores with less downtime than traditional lasers.

New Indications

Only picosecond device FDA-cleared to treat melasma pigment, nevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus in all skin types


Faster Treatments

  • Provide skin revitalization treatments with no downtime in just 10 minutes
  • Treat more patients per day; bringing in additional revenue for your practice

New Capabilities

  • Adjustable fluence with same spot size allows for higher fluences and more customization when treating your patients
  • New platinum focus™ lens with 40% more shots
  • New 5mm handpiece, compatible with the platinum focus lens – ideal for treating discrete lesions, lighter skin types and smaller areas
  • Faster start up time
  • New user-friendly turbo mode for tattoo removal treatments

With over 1 million treatments performed and 100% patient satisfaction1, this has become a popular and trusted treatment worldwide.

See The Results

PicoSure Pro is the only picosecond device FDA-cleared to treat melasma pigment, nevus of Ota and Hori’s nevus. Read how experts have been treating these pigment conditions.

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1 Realself rating as of May 2021

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These before and after photographs are of a patient treated with Cynosure’s PicoSure device, not the PicoSure Pro device advertised herein. The PicoSure Pro device has the same parameters as the PicoSure device and so while individual results vary, similar results are expected.


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