Ellman® RF Products Join Cynosure's Suite of Laser Devices

The Ellman high frequency surgical technology is the ideal complement to Cynosure’s first-in-class aesthetic laser platforms. Our 4.0 MHz CutSure technology produces minimal heat and superior healing results. It is the technology of choice for every practice.

Surgitron® Dual RF 120

For advanced office and hospital based surgical procedures, our patented Surgitron Dual RF unit provides the unparalleled surgical control, precision, and safety you need.

Advanced technology to advance your practice

Expand your practice and capabilities with our cutting edge Surgitron Dual RF 120 generator. Our patented technology uses a high frequency of 4.0 MHz that minimizes heat dissipation and enables you to perform more advanced surgical procedures whether in office or hospital based.
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Surgitron® Dual EMC/90

Delivering unparalleled surgical control, precision, versatility and safety, our patented Surgitron Dual EMC 90 unit offers the advanced RF technology you’ve been looking for.

A cut above the rest

Our patented Surgitron Dual EMC 90 generator is ideal for physicians wanting to perform advanced office based surgical procedures. With its high frequency of 4.0 MHz to minimize heat dissipation and thus cellular alteration, you can safely and confidently perform in office procedures.

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