New Marketing Materials Available

We recently released new seasonal marketing assets inspired by SculpSure’s national Direct to Consumer campaign, “A Smarter Way to Sculpt.” Alongside this expanded library, we have developed pre-populated, editable monthly planning calendars for January through March that include implementation recommendations for your practice. These calendars outline successful SculpSure marketing activities, in advance, in order to expand SculpSure promotions to your internal patient base and local market, without you having to recreate the wheel.

This new practice marketing approach is a result of customer requests for strategically developed campaigns that encompass the imagery from SculpSure’s Direct to Consumer initiative. The template designs are based upon SculpSure’s professional marketing campaigns, which have been developed and tested through extensive brand research. Utilization of these new assets and promotional calendars will closely align practices with the national SculpSure brand. This strategy will maximize your practice’s exposure, improve SculpSure brand awareness, and result in an increase in SculpSure patient consultations!

Log onto the AMPS portal today to download your new SculpSure marketing tools!

SculpSure in the Media

SculpSure has been touted as the hottest new technology in body contouring – and these publications think so, too! Here are just some of our most recent featured articles: (January 2018)
Elle Canada (November 2017) (December 2017) (November 2017)
Elle Magazine (October 2017) (September 2017)

“SculpSure is an investment, but really works.”

SculpSure Best Practices

As with every aesthetic treatment, “talking the talk” is as important as making the sale. Below is a list of best practices compiled by the AMPS and PSP teams to help you best market SculpSure to your patients, incentivize your staff, and maximize your bottom line!

  • Everyone in the office should receive SculpSure treatments. You wouldn’t see a dentist with bad teeth, so you shouldn’t see an aesthetician who doesn’t look the part and can’t speak to the technology!
  • Utilize the Smarter Way to Market calendar to plan an entire quarter’s worth of promotions, posts, events and more – contact your AMPS representative for more details.
  • Pick training day patients wisely. They should be willing to speak at events, be outgoing, be of different skin types, and of a range of ages to show the versatility of the laser.
  • The front desk associate should be warm, cheerful, and inviting. Identify one person – a practice manager, patient care coordinator, esthetician – to be responsible for marketing and scheduling.
  • Pick a SculpSure ambassador from within the practice to speak at events.
  • Instead of music on your hold message, utilize the Phone Script available on AMPS.
  • Play the waiting room loop (available on AMPS), put out the banner stand in the lobby, use flip books and table tents to passively market the technology to your whole patient base while they wait in the lobby.
  • Put collateral in exam rooms and waiting rooms, inviting patients to start a conversation.
  • Keep your website current – use staff photos, before and afters, and advertise in-office events.
  • Be consistent about your Social Media presence – Contact your AMPS representative or PSP for ideas!
  • Create gift bags for when treatment is over which includes care instructions and aftercare items (Vaseline, ice pack, sunscreen, etc.). Most skincare reps can provide samples as a gratuity.

Tips and Tricks: Positioning for Comfortable Thigh Treatments

Getting rid of saddle bags and increasing thigh gap is a high priority for many patients seeking non-invasive body contouring procedures. Clients want results, and they want treatments to be comfortable, too. As clinicians, it’s our job to deliver safe and efficacious treatments, in addition to creating the best client experience possible. Following these simple tips and tricks will help maximize your client’s comfort during treatment and create an overall positive experience.

One way to optimize the client experience is to maximize comfort. Knowing a few tips and tricks on how to position your client during inner or outer thigh SculpSure treatments can make a huge difference in your patient’s overall experience.

The key to treating the inner thighs comfortably is to make sure the inner/medial thigh muscles (gracilis muscles) are completely relaxed, and the subcutaneous fat is pushed forward. There are several ways this can be achieved: if the patient is smaller, and two applicators on each thigh are appropriate, both inner thighs can be treated at the same time.

To do this, position the patient sitting upright on a treatment bed, with the head of the bed elevated. Alternately, have them sit in a comfortable chair (without wheels). Once the client is positioned comfortably on the bed or chair, take two small rolled towels or small pillows and place them under each upper thigh to help bolster the inner thigh fat so that it’s pushed forward. Apply the straps and frames as per standard protocol.

When treating a larger area of the inner thigh you can position your client as shown below. This position will allow you to access the treatment area and maximize client comfort. When positioning your client for an inner thigh treatment, remember, the key is to relax the inner thigh muscles and push the fat forward!

Here are several examples on how to comfortably position your client during outer thigh treatments. Notice the use of pillows or rolled towels to push the desired treatment area. When determining the best position for your patient, ask if lying on the stomach is an option. In some patients, this position increases lower back strain. If that’s the case, try the positioning in the left photo below, with the client lying on their stomach and a pillow under the treated leg. Using the pillow helps bolster the fat, which will make the treatment more comfortable, and helps prevent lower back pain.

For additional information on how to perform a SculpSure inner or outer thigh treatment, log onto the AMPS portal to view the treatment videos.

SculpSure will be featured in the January Aesthetic Treatment Special Issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology(JDD). This peer-reviewed publication, titled ͞Safety and Efficacy of a Non-Invasive 1060 nm Diode Laser for Fat Reduction of the Abdomen͟, details the efficacy and safety of SculpSure in all skin types when treating the abdomen.

SculpSure Practice Spotlight

SculpSure was the first laser in our practice and our introduction into the world of aesthetics. Being first to market in the Asheville area, we have seen huge success in results for our patients and profit for our practice. It was the right move at the right time. Our post-sale support has been unparalleled, as well!

Kerry Wright
Practice Administrator
Family Care of Fairview, Ashville, NC
PSP: Megan Harman
AMPS: Kat Hathaway

Before and After Contest Winners!

We have received over 100 submissions for the SculpSure Before & After Contest and we are pleased to announce the winners:

Q3 2017

  • Patricia DePoli, MD, DePoli Plastic Surgery (Skokie, IL)
  • Lori Alessandrini, Essential Aesthetics and Laser (Charlotte, NC)
  • Roberta Krueger, MD, Sculpt Away (San Antonio, TX)
  • Naveen Setty, MD, Setty Plastics & Aesthetics (McKinney, TX)

Q4 2017

  • Landi Eichelberger, RN, Women First OBGYN (Mechanicsburg, PA)
  • Nalan Narine, MD, A New You Aesthetics (Temecula, CA)
  • Edward Omron, MD, Omron Aesthetic Laser Institute (Morgan Hill, CA)
  • Michelle Icaruso, DO, Timeless Beauty Ageless Face, LLC (Morristown, NJ)

To view all of the winning photos, please visit

Do you have great before and after photos of your SculpSure patients? You continue to provide your patients with the results they desire − now it’s time to show them off!

Submissions are ongoing and there is no limit to the number of entries submitted per practice. The next round of winners will be chosen throughout the quarter, so don’t miss out on your chance to win $500!

Contact your AMPS Representative with any questions.

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. SculpSure is intended for non-invasive fat reduction. SculpSure is not a weight loss solution or for people who are obese.

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