2023 end of year offers

Promotion ends December 8th 2023.

Discounts are not applicable to historical orders.

*Applicable Potenza Tips are as follows: S-49 NEEDLE (7X7) SEMI-INSUL 5-PK, I-25 NEEDLE (5X5) INSULATED 5-PK, I-49 NEEDLE (7X7) INSULATED 5-PK, CP-21 NEEDLE CUSHION PLUS TIP 5PK, S-25 NEEDLE (5X5) SEMI-INSUL 5-PK. Promotion applies to lowest priced box(es).

*Applicable TempSure handpieces are as follows: 10mm handpiece (eyeEnvi), 10mm handpiece, 15mm handpiece, 20mm handpiece, 25mm handpiece, 30mm handpiece, and Vitalia handpiece kit.

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